SkyWay GB Client reviews

Here are a few Client Reviews

  “SkyWay GB Roofing did a great job at fixing my roof and damaged done to the inside of my home in 2016.” 

Marilyn – Houston, TX  

 “SkyWay GB did a good job on helping us negotiating with the insurance company to work out a roof repairing coverage. Also, We are satisfied with the work quality. They were easy to work with. I would have no problem to recommend this company to my friend in the future.” 

Alan – Sugar Land, TX  

 “In December of 2016, I was in desperate need of a new roof. The insurance was giving me a hard time until I heard about SkyWay GB. Those guys came to my rescue. They were very nice and professional. They were Johnny on the spot. They started at 8:30 A.M. and were finished with the roof by 4:30 P.M. They were the best! They stayed right there til the job was done. They treated me like family. I would refer them to anyone. That was the best Christmas present, an answer to my prayer. Thanks guys for everything.” 

Doris – Katy, TX  

 “Had our roof replaced by SkyWay GB Roofing. Job was done in a timely manner. Clean up and haul-off done. Referred a neighbor.” 

Jerry & Sue – Magnolia, TX  

 “After a recent hail storm in our subdivision we chose SkyWay GB Roofing to install or new roof. It only took two days to fully complete our roof! The installers were very knowledgeable at their skill along with keeping our yard clean at the end of the day. We can’t say enough about SkyWay looking out for us, they were here for the whole process. We would highly recommend SkyWay Roofing, from courtesy to professionals they are a ’10’.”

 Tammy & Andy  

 “I’m so pleased with my beautiful new roof, thanks to Mr. Gary Black of SkyWay GB.  It was when a huge hail storm hit our area.  Our roof was completely destroyed and we also had damage to our fence, windows, and inside walls.  We called our insurance that same night and an adjuster was sent to assess the damage.  Never having been through the process of repairing a home, we were at a loss as to what was the best way to proceed.  We talked to many contractors who said they would do all the work for us, but none of them earned our trust until we met Gary Black. “There’s something about Gary” that allowed us to trust him when he came to talk to my husband and me.  He promised to take care of the paperwork with the insurance company and was constantly telling me not to worry; he would take care of everything.  Gary did as he promised.  We got a beautiful new roof and all the other repairs that were needed.  Gary came to our aid just when we needed him. Thank you Gary for making this process a smooth one.  (I also want to thank Rob)  The two of you are the utmost professionals in your field of work and I will gladly recommend SkyWay to my friends and neighbors, in fact, I already did.” 

Ana T. – Mcallen, TX   

“Dear Gary, I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with the new roof.  After the hail storm there was a very large number of houses which were damaged.  I did not expect such prompt service after the amount of phone calls you received the short time you were here looking at the damage to my roof. Not only was the new roof installed in a timely manner but your crew did a wonderful cleanup job.  I did not find one nail or any roofing debris left in my yard or driveway. Thank you so much for the job you did and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. Thank you”

 Sally Johnston   

“Serious hail damage led me to SkyWay GB for a new roof. But I ended up getting much more than a roof. I got serious attention to detail and constant contact and concern from Gary Black, the CEO. Mr. Black’s pride in accomplishment gave me assurance of a first-rate job. On top of all, I made a good friend. When Mr. Black sat in my living room that first day, I knew at once that he was the man I wanted to construct my roof. He radiated the kind of care and earnestness that filled me with confidence. And that’s a good feeling to have when you’re getting a roof over your head. My instinct was right. I was so pleased with Mr. Black’s customer relations that I’ve spread the word and told others about him. I believe I’m more than an adequate judge, having taught public relations as a journalism professor for 30 years at Temple and Cornell Universities. As for GB’s workers, they were experienced, competent and efficient. I’m mighty pleased with the result of their efforts. Even my dog, Simeon, welcomed Gary Black’s visits and played vigously with him. Dogs sense a good man. “Let me know if I can do anything for you,” were Mr. Black’s last words to me. I now know I have a new friend and a beautiful new roof.” 

Lee Carl, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Temple University   

“After a catastropic hail storm hit a number of “storm chasers” were visiting the neighborhood. Each had an urgency and a solution to sell. “Just sign here, and we’ll take care of everything!” The problem, and my resulting skepticism, was their urgency came across as desperation. As I researched each one and spoke to neighbors, warning signs always popped up – whether is was how they handled their paperwork, or the lack of skilled crews to install upgraded roofing materials instead of asphalt. The sole exception of everyone I encountered is Gary Black and SkyWay GB. Gary came by and explained who he was and how he could help. He claime to have several of the top metal roof installers in the state working exclusively for him installing roofs for his customers. When I challenged him as I did the others, he reacted differently. He simply said, “I am working on a house in the next neighborhood. Feel free to drop by and take a look. Think about it and give me a call if you need any more information.” So, I called the contacts listed for our state/region and asked about their top installers. The names they gave matched those Gary had listed. I did go by the other home, as I had spent a considerable amount of time researching roof installation methods published by the top three stone-coated steel manufacturers, building codes, and state insurance requirements for roof installations. I looked at the install and saw very quickly the crew was skilled, had all the right tools, and was making quick progress. They then moved onto another home in my neighborhood. It was a quick, careful, skilled, and correct installation resulting in a beautiful, well-protected home. And, I did give Gary a call. He came by promptly, went over the process and outlined how it would work with the insurance company. Resulting from Gary and team’s experience there never was an unexpected or complete surprise. While there were some bumps in a few spots with assessments, insurance coverages, reimbursement and supplies, SkyWay expertly handled and smoothed out each step along the way. Many things were mismeasured and overlooked in the first insurance adjuster’s estimates for the repairs to our home. Skyway’s knowledge and understanding of the system proved to be a great benefit to me. Gary was very accommodating as we worked through some of the frustrating nuances of getting insurance payments run through the mortgage lienholder. I feel others would have been less understanding and patient, requiring me, as the homeowner, to cover the expenses due to delays by my bank. Along the way, I felt as if we had become personal friends, of the entire team. Though excited to have everything complete, it meant we wouldn’t have the chance to see and speak with members of the team on regular a basis. I am thankful Gary was able to respresent himself and his company as different from the others I encountered. I am very happy with the quality of the workmanship of the crews, as well as the attentive, respectful and friendly business demeanor of Gary and the rest of the SkyWay team. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.” 

Joel Garza – Mcallen, TX  

 “Thanks to SkywayGB, we finally have a beautiful brand new roof on our home! Since last year’s severe hail storm, we’ve been battling our insurance company to cover the damages to our roof. It wasn’t until Gary Black came along and persistently argued with the insurance company to finally get them to see the obvious hail damage that was done to the house! Within a few days, the job was completed and our roof looks fabulous! We were very impressed with the customer service and the great professional work that the roofers did on our home! Thanks again for a job well done!!“ 

Steven A. Soto – San Antonio, TX     

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